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With an interval of 50 minutes of walking per week, you can improve your aerobic abilities.

According to a study by researcher Shizue Masuka from Shinshu University, Japan, it doesn’t matter how far you go, but how intensively you walk for at least some time to achieve positive results.

The researcher analyzed the effect of the so-called “Interval Walking Training” (IWT), a method of walking in which the subject walks 70% of their maximum ability for three minutes and then walks 40% of their ability for the next three minutes.

The researcher studied this technique with 679 participants aged 65 in an average of five months. The data was collected using a special device called a three-axis accelerometer, which emits an acoustic signal that allows the walker to understand when he reaches at least 70% of his maximum aerobic ability. This data was then recorded on a central server for analysis.

Participants in the study showed that their aerobic capacity had increased significantly, reaching 50 minutes IWT per week.

This is good news, especially for those who have little time to walk: by speeding up the pace by a few minutes and putting more effort into it, you can achieve the same results as a very long, time-consuming walk.

The study was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings.


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Martin Hill