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Extreme precipitation in monsoon regions related to global warming, according to new study

According to a new study taking into account regions extending north and south of the Earth’s equator, continued global warming and heavy rainfall in monsoon regions on land over the past century will be concomitant factors.

These regions, as well as neighboring regions, including southern South Africa, India, North America and eastern South America, are actually characterized by an increase in heavy rainfall over the past few decades.

It is the level of extreme precipitation in monsoon regions that should also be taken seriously because these areas are home to two-thirds of the world’s population, reminds Zhou Tianjun, one of the authors of the study and researcher at the Centre of Advanced Earth Sciences of CAS at the Tibetan Plateau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The researchers have used various types of observations of extreme precipitation at the global or regional level to conclude that global warming has a very important global impact on precipitation levels in these areas.

In addition, at the regional level, extreme precipitation, as explained by the researchers, also depends on processes such as the presence of aerosols in the air, increased urbanization and other factors related to natural climate variability.

“There are several challenges in understanding extreme changes in precipitation, including limited coverage of space and observation time. There is a need to further improve monitoring and data sharing within the climate research community,” says Zhou.


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Kelly Owen