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Gardening can convince children to eat vegetables

How to convince children and youth to eat more vegetables or fruit? Growing plants in a vegetable garden or stimulating your garden hobby. This is the opinion of a new article in HealthDay, according to which several studies, for example, appeared in the journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietology, which emphasizes the positive aspect of this activity.

Children tend to get excited and positive impressions when they look at foods in the garden, so they are more motivated to eat what they have seen grows up.

In addition, gardening itself is an additional incentive to stay outdoors and play sports. Even if you are not an expert, you can use many resources on the Internet, and even if you do not have a garden or garden, you can grow plants in a variety of ways, such as on the terrace or balcony. Parents themselves can stimulate their children’s imagination by allowing them to choose which plants to grow, which colours, shapes, and so on.

If the child is a little older, he or she can also be involved in the planning and design of the garden and plant growing, and can be entrusted with some plants for which they are fully responsible.

If they are younger, they can help with sowing, weeding and watering. The biggest emotions come when the first fruits or flowers appear, the result of a long effort and a path built out of passion and care.


Kelly Owen

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Kelly Owen