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President Trump Sign a bill that creates U.S Space force in the military.

President Donald Trump, on 20th December in Washington, announced the great success that the United States armed forces had made when he was launching the new military branch.

The National Defense Authority act for the year 2020 was signed into law by the president on 20th December 2019. This law makes the United States armed forces to have a sixth branch known as U.S Space Force.

During the signing of the NDAA bill into law at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, President Trump was in accompany of the top defense and military officials. The president acknowledged the bill was very crucial at this time in the United States.

The NDAA enhances the Air force Department to create a different military branch within its department known as U.S Space Force, and this is the same way the Navy Department generated a separate subsidiary known as the Marine Corps.

This U.s Space Force was the first military department that had been established since 1947, during the inauguration of the U.S Army Air corps. 

The establishment of this department has made a distinct political mileage to president Trump, who developed the idea of space service in the year 2018 and directed the pentagon in the same year to develop a plan to enhance its establishment.

The Air Force Secretary said that the launching has ensured the president’s vision has happened through the great support from the congress.  The Senate passed the NDAA Bill on 17th December 2019 through a mega win of 86 votes to 8, which is a margin of 377 to 48.

For senate to pass the space force authorization took an inclusive coaxing from the White House, more so the assembly, which has been uncertain from the start. The House Armed Services Committee was the one advocating for the establishment of the space service, but its effort failed in 2018 when the bill failed. The central departments that opposed the bill were the pentagon, the senate, and the Air Force because they were ignorant of the change, but after a close-talk, with President Trump, the bill was passed overwhelmingly.

To ensure the NDAA bill has passed, the president gave federal workers a maternal leave of 12 weeks paid time after delivery of a child

Although the department of U.S space has been established, it will take months and years for it to full function and offer its services.  The $738 billion budget for NDAA will be divided into the following sections; $635 billion to be directed for pentagon spending, $ 23.1 billion to be given to Energy Department for nuclear weapon programs, $ 71.5 billion for war tasks and $ 5.3 billion for emergencies and disaster recovery for military base the military was given a pay raise of 3.1%.

Martin Hill