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The launch of Boeing Starliner seen from the Coast of the United States 

In case you reside along the United States east coast, you got a lucky chance to have a glance at an excellent rocket liftoff on Friday 20, December. 

A (ULA) United Launch Alliance the Atlas V rocket transporting first Starliner crew capsule of Boeing has plans of sending off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station situated in Florida at around 6:36 a.m. EST (1136 GMT). One had an opportunity of watching it live from, courtesy of NASA. 

According to a clear plan tweeted out by United Launch Alliance, the Atlas V will travel towards the northeast from Cape Canaveral, probably giving outlooks of the rocket to coastal residents heading to New England.

Will Ulrich, lift-off Weather Chief with the 45th Weather Squad at Cape Canaveral, said that 6:36v a.m. EST is a perfect time to have a glance at the lift-off at this particular time of the year. He went to say that there are approximately 30 minutes just before the sunrise, which is supposed to provide a very scenic lift off. The experts will make sure that the skies are clear to give the residents a clear shot of the launch. Since there will be some darkness on the surface, sun will still come in the sky. Thus, they expect the experts to release some scenic pictures during the day of lift-off, which is Friday. 

That liftoff will kick off the Orbital Flight Test (OFT), the first visit of Starliner to International Space Station (ISS). OFT, which has no crew, is a fundamental step on the journey to the crewed space journey for Starliner that Boeing has spent time making for transport NASA astronauts to as well as from the orbiting lab.

Supposing that everything becomes successful with Orbital Flight Test, Boeing will debut on making preparations for a crewed attempt of journeying to space. After that, partnered projects will follow. 

Just like Boeing, Space X has a commercial crew partnership with NASA, which the entity based in California will carry out its Crew Dragon flying task version of Orbital Flight Test. the pilot of the aircraft went on a six-day journey heading towards International Space Station.

Currently, Space X is preparing for an in-space journey abort (IFA) to take place in January, which will exhibit the capability of Crew Dragon to get of the way with many problems on lift-off casualty.    

Martin Hill