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Bitcoin becomes part of Jeopardy during a GOAT tournament

Bitcoin was on screens on Jeopardy night on 10 January, when three champions worked very hard to receive a crown of ‘Greatest of All Times.’

Cryptocurrency, the world’s most famous was the right response for the $800 question set: A payoff ware attack encoded 3,800 cities of Atlanta computers commanded 6 of this digital stuff to unfreeze them. “James Holzhauer, who was among the contestants and a professional sports gamester, gave the correct answer to the question. 

The question refers to a disastrous state, which took place back in 2018 when the City of Atlanta funded over $2.6 million to crack systems of computers, which scammers held for a $52, 000 Bitcoin deal. For more reference, below are the question items, which fall under the category of cybersecurity done during that night’s occasion.  

  1. For $200: this type of fraud referred to by a colorful bit of headwear freely executes some tests on systems of computers to test for exposure. The answer to the question is ‘White hat.’
  2. For $400): a website with site documentation is one that used coded data; a letter that comes immediately after HTTP is its representation. The answer was ‘S.’
  3. For $600: entities prefer cybersecurity when giving out instructions  to their workers  by use of a private policy known as BYOD, the short form of the above abbreviation is ‘Bring Your Device.’
  4. For $1000: be cautious about these types of programs that can trace every step you make while typing to access your passcode.  The answer was ‘keylogging programs.’

Bitcoin payoff ware everywhere during last year

This is hardly the very first time Jeopardy included questions related to Bitcoin. Essentially, the illustration has a long past story of cryptocurrency, having involved the whole group, which is precise to the technology of 2018. 

It involves questions concerning oil-backed Pedro token belonging to Maduro, which is an uninhibited crypto coin of Kanye known as ‘CoinYe,’ and even runners of Kik, an ill-fated cryptocurrency KIN. 

However, supporters of cryptocurrency might find it very infuriating that Jeopardy used Bitcoin to answer a question directed to a deal ware. Anyway, criticizers often refer to fraud-lust for Bitcoin as evidence that the authorities of the world should do more restraints on the technology. 

The sad certainty is that Bitcoin-pumped agreement ware was very big during last year Malware crusades such as Ryuk terrorized groups of certain authorities and non-governmental innovativeness all over the world, ask for millions of dollars in Bitcoin deal ware expenditures to provide malevolently coded information. 

Martin Hill