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Satellogic anticipated lifting off two satellites with China great Wall on 15 January

Satellogic, the first entity to make a measurable earth observation platform, has the skills to explore the whole globe at both high—frequency and high resolution. It pronounced the approaching lift-off 2 new Earth Observation satellites. The China Great Wall Corporation (CGWIC) will convey the space ships to Low Earth orbit using the Long March 2D rocket, planned to loft from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at around 2:53 a.m. GMT on 15 of January, this year. 

Both Satellogic satellites have two cargos with them: a multispectral camera with the 1m resolutions and the hyperspectral camera at a 30m resolution. The lift-off will bring the sum figures of the Satellogic space ships in trajectory to ten. Satellogic safeguarded loft partnerships to place about 80 satellites in orbit in the coming one-two years. The lift-off planned for 15 January this year belongs to the multiple-loft partnership which Satellogic and China Great Wall Corporation (CGWIC) agreed in January of last year for several committed lift offs to develop Earth Observation Satellite Constellation of the Satellogic. 

As of the present day, Satellogic is calling for the extension of their Assembly, Integration, and Test (AIT) department in Montevideo, situate in Uruguay. The develop facility entails 16 work cells and new exercise housings to provide accommodations on expanding the engineering labor force of Satellogic. The modified facilities also have advantages Lean-Manufacturing methodology, as well as implement Kanban indicators to control the levels of manufacturing and stabilize the conveyance of workers. The facility has applied the 5S approach in its missions. The Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) facility of Satellogic majors on standardization with no defects and no waste as Satellogic progresses to measure the production structures of the firm. 

Emiliano Kargieman, who is the chief executive officer and initiator of Satellogic, said that they are coming up with best methods to meet the needs of their clients, and that is the reason why they are excited to share their information concerning their upcoming lift-off and extension of Assembly, Integration, as well as Test (AIT) facility. Having those extended skills on earth and in the trajectory, the team is ready to scale their manufacturing and convey awareness at high resolution and modified frequency of their clients. The extended skills serve as the main achievement for Satellogic, as the team goes on to work towards the completed Earth Observation satellite constellation. 

Martin Hill